Joanna Briggs

User Researcher. Accessibility Expert. Tricoteuse.

I make products work for everyone on mobile, desktop, kiosks and beyond. I evaluate and design to move past mere functionality and compliance. I make recommendations so that products become something that everyone loves to use. Since 1999, I’ve worked with clients that are household names across many industries.

I see accessibility as just a starting point. Experience is personal, and user research allows us to deeply understand unique interactions. I've mentored teams and clients to better understand the impact of experiences - the blissful and the frustrating. Over the last ten years, I've facilitated hundreds of sessions with participants that allow me to make the best recommendations for real people.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, I work with people all over the world. When I fly to see them, I'm knitting on the plane while I'm watching interviews and usability sessions instead of the in-flight movie. Find out more about my work on LinkedIn.

Elsewhere (now)

Art projects (pre 2000)

I was famous on the Internet for 0.9 seconds for meticulously photographing toothpaste twice a day. 600 times. My other photographic and digital artworks have been exhibited in galleries in Canada, France and Poland.

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  • Withdrawal
  • Pinhole
  • Conrad Guevara
  • Haikoo

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